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A Hangdog Theater production
At the Ontological Theater at St. Mark's Church, New York City

August 14 – 30, 1997
Written, directed, scored and choreographed by Robert Cucuzza
DJ Mendel
Judy Elkan
Tracy Leipold

Set Designer: Merope Vachlioti
Lighting Designer: Rick Martin
Costume Designer: Sybil Kempson
Technical Director: David Overcamp
Stage Manager: Cristina Nunes
Assistant Director: Sally Eberhardt
“You Foods” and “You Fell From the Sky”
Lyrics by Robert Cucuzza

A lonely man meets the two women who make up the composite woman of his dreams. The first one is a dark spirit who draws him in sexually and brings out the brooding artist. Is this the 'me' that he thinks he should be? Seems so, until a second woman enters the scene, fitting the mold of the perfect mate he has been constructing for years (using himself as the model, of course). He and Lady Two realize that this is IT. But when faced with extracting himself from Lady One, the task proves to be far more overwhelming than he'd imagined. How can he ever balance the drama of a rash but tangible passion with the prospect of true, enduring and patient love? His indecision and bad timing cause fatal fissures in both relationships. He ends the day empty-handed. Too much love for one hour.

"...[T]he fluid treatment signals the emergence of a genuine poet of the theater."

— Charles McNulty, Village Voice

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