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An ACME Acting Lab film production

Premiere: July 30, 2006

Running time: 56 minutes

Written, directed and edited by Robert Cucuzza

Kelsey Bacon as Ruthie

Patrick Daly as Max

Britt Genelin as Esther

Kelly Sharp as Miriam

Graham York as Mortimer

Margaret Champagne as ATM Girl

Cinematographer: Les Brauser
1st Ass’t Director: Adrienne Truscott
1st Ass’t Camera: Katie Dainson
Costume Designer: Lee Harper
Theatrical Lighting: Rick Martin
Sound Mixer: Ken Jackson

“Put Me in a Pine Box”
Lyrics by Robert Cucuzza
“Sweet Cinderella”
Lyrics by Britt Genelin

Filmed at Axis Theatre, NYC

"The Invincible Ecksteins" was created as part of an ACME Acting Lab “Film Lab.” The company met for three months beginning in February 2006 to create characters and develop a story. The film was shot over four days in May and premiered in July. Although the screenwriter wrote the shooting script, many of the ideas, dialogue and story arcs came from each of the actors.

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