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Running time: 121 minutes

A Great Zambini Pictures production

Premiere: August 10, 2007

Written, directed and edited by Robert Cucuzza

Josh Stark as Jacob
Robert Cucuzza as Ivan
David Cote as Karl

Laura Kachergus as Molly
Sally Eberhardt as Ms. Fuentalba

Vladmir Ambia as Senor Santangelo

Shauna Kelly as Tiffany Taylor

Herman L. Eberhardt as Paw-Paw

Cinematography : Salvatore Interlandi

1st Ass’t Director
: Rachel Wood

Production Designer
: Merope Vachlioti

Script Supervisor
: Sharon Watt

: Rick Martin

Sound Mixer : Martin Beauchamp

Aide-de-camp : David Letwin

Sound Designer
: John Collins
/Robert Cucuzza

"See the Bears!"

Music by Riley McMahon

Lyrics by Robert Cucuzza
Choreography by 
Johanna S. Meyer

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