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Rich White Farmers

April 22 – May 2, 1995
Downstairs at the Ontological Theater at St. Mark's Church
New York, NY


July 20 – 22, 1995
At the Ohio Theater as part of Soho Think Tank's Ice Factory Festival
New York, NY

Produced by Hangdog Theater

Adapted, directed and scored by Robert Cucuzza 

Mike Rubens as Paul Tough
David Yezzi as David Frum
David Cote as William Kristol
Paul Kaup as Frank Luntz
Rik Nagel as Mike Murphy
James Urbaniak as James P. Pinkerton
Bradley Glenn as Ralph Reed (Ontological)
Robert Cucuzza as Ralph Reed (Ohio Theater)


Dramaturg: Sally Eberhardt
Choreographers: Robert Cucuzza and Mike Rubens 
Lighting Designers: Allen Hahn (Ontological) and Jennifer Tanzer (Ohio)
Stage Manager: Alicia Cheng 
Sound Operator: Scott Mascena (Ontological) and Jennifer Woodward (Ohio Theater)

Using the text of a Harper's Magazine Forum as ignition, Hangdog Theater launches the backroom candor of six conservative strategists into absurdist horror. "A Revolution, or Business as Usual?" (Harper's, 3/95) leaps off the page and into a realm where rhetoric leads to a cha-cha dance, allegiances turn to choke-holds and the well-oiled thought machine churns like never before. Washington's finest conservative call boys –Ralph Reed, Frank Luntz, Mike Murphy, William Kristol, James Pinkerton, and David Frum–under the moderation of Harper's senior editor Paul Tough, devolve into delusions of grandeur and an all-new vision of totalitarianism cloaked in wolf's clothing.

"Clearly a director of talent...[his] vision is clever, his choreography riveting...and his actors move with brisk synchronicity"

— Francine Russo,  The Village Voice

RWF scream
RWF JU stand
RWF masks
RWF arm throw
RWF point
RWF postcard.175

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