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Running time: 46 minutes

An ACME Acting Lab film production

Premiere: April 4, 2008

Written, directed and edited by Robert Cucuzza


Mariangelica Cuervo as Iris

Joshua Dodrill as Stevie

Gina Guarneiri as Eileen

Kelly Sharp as Cheryl

Terry Sasaki as Johnny

Tim Donovan, Jr. as The Exterminator

Patrick Long as Elfquest

Hagar Moor as Guest

Cinematographer: Les Brauser

1st Ass’t Director: Adrienne Truscott

1st Ass’t Camera: GT Womack

Costume Designer: Matthew Simonelli

Production Designer: Robert Cucuzza

Sound Mixer: Kristin Mueller


Lyrics by Robert Cucuzza

Filmed at The Collapsable Hole, Brooklyn, NY

"The Blue Horizon" was created as part of an ACME Acting Lab “Film Lab.” The company met for three months to create characters and develop a story. The film was shot over four days. Although the screenwriter wrote the shooting script, many of the ideas, dialogue and story arcs came from each of the actors.

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