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Love Clump

March 25 - April 2, 1993 
Ontological Theater, New York, NY

As part of the Blueprint Series 

July 2 - 3, 1994
HERE Performance Space, New York, NY
As part of the 1994 American Living Room Series 

September 30 - August 1, 1994
At the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Bradford, PA

As part of the Bradford Area Creative and Performing Arts Center Arts in Education series

Produced by Hangdog Theater

Written, directed, scored, and choreographed by Robert Cucuzza 

Sally Eberhardt (at HERE and Bradford)
Greg Stuhr (at the Ontological)
Mike Rubens (at HERE and Bradford)
Jon Patrick Walker (at the Ontological)
Jennifer Woodward

Stage Manager: Alicia Cheng (HERE/Bradford)
Sound Designer: Steven Ford Riley
Lighting Consultant: Anne de Mare (HERE)
Light Board Operator: Sally Eberhardt (Ontological/Bradford)
Sound Board Operator: Jon Patrick Walker (Ontological)

Boy, is John is lonely–so lonely that he resorts to dressing up a pillow in a bra and panties and pretending it's his one true love. Then (joy of all joys!) he sees Jane. They fall for each other hard and rush through courting, right into sex, then marriage, a child and ultimately disgust with the whole shebang. Love Clump is a relationship speed-through–thirteen sharp scenes that trace a relationship from its ecstatic beginnings right on through to an undesired but ultimate acceptance of the foibles of a partner. Love Clump reveals both the earth-shattering joys and the earth-shattering sadnesses of a lifetime's worth of love.

“Robert Cucuzza flexed [his] highly imaginative choreographic wit and elicited doses of playful irreverance from spare compositions.

— Randy Gener, Village Voice

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LC string
LC hand
LC low grab
LC saw
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