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A Hangdog Theater production
At the Ontological Theater at St. Mark's Church, New York, NY

August 20 – 26, 1995

Written by Richard Foreman
Directed and scored by Robert Cucuzza
David Callahan as Roth
David Cote as Psychiatrist/Detective/Ensemble
Anna Köhler as Agatha
Jennifer Krasinski as Assistant/Beautiful Lady/Ensemble
Leo Marks as Photographer/Ensemble
DJ Mendel as X
Thomas Pasley as the Dark Haired Man/Ensemble
Susie Sokol as Escort/Ensemble
James Urbaniak as the Nervous Man
Tory Vazquez as the Young Lady/Ensemble
Jennifer Woodward as the Reporter/Ensemble
Assistant Director: Sally Eberhardt
Set Designer: Merope Vachlioti
Lighting Designer: Allen Hahn 
Costume Designer: Anita Yavich
Stage Manager: Julie Anderson 
Technical Director: Deborah Gordon 
Choreographers: Robert Cucuzza, Johanna S. Meyer, Mike Rubens
Light Board Operator: Kim Marie T. Jones
Sound Operator: Kischa Kai Miller
Handheld Cameras Designed by Jeff Miller
Painting of Agatha by David Callahan
Production Assistants: Valerie Weiss, Chris Cavanaugh, Francesca Ventresca
Photographer: Ben Fiering
Employing an unproduced screenplay by Richard Foreman, Unconscious Motives... takes the idea of the fascination with filming to it's surreal height. Capitalizing on the frantic jump-cuts of filmmaking, we are thrown into a whirlpool of anticipation and action, following The Wooster Group's Anna Köhler through a dizzying escapade of intrusion and underground film stardom. Dances and fights break out, bodies fall from the sky, persistent music scores the hysteria and when an earthquake hits, all hell breaks loose. Merope Vachlioti's massively oppressive set provides the backdrop for this invasive tale of paranoia and celebrity, all watched by a huge eyeball that surreptitiously looms over the world of the play...and beyond.
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